My Dream Now

My Dream Now is a social company inspiring youth to dream about their future careers or academic pursuits. Through different programs, My Dream Now helps the youth they’re working with to learn about different industries, find their passion and connect them with people from relevant industries to kick-start their professional network. In 2022 I started… Continue reading My Dream Now

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Saas Deck

A collection of inspiring pitch decks from some of the most successful companies in the world. I decided to build to give insight into how some of the most well-known startups have been able to raise money and inspire founders to create better pitch decks. Launched in 1 day.

Pimp My Pitch Deck

Having worked with many startups over the years, I’ve seen some really bad pitch decks. I decided to launch as a professional design service, helping startups refine their pitch deck designs for a fixed rate. Launched in 1 day.

Indie Builder is a database with some of the best tools on the internet to build, launch and grow your projects. After spending 10+ years collecting a big directory of great tools that I love to use when building, automating, scaling, and launching projects, I wanted to share it with the rest of the world. Launched… Continue reading Indie Builder


Image by Snask

Snask is an internationally renowned, award-winning creative agency with clients like Spotify, Klarna, H&M, Target, Axfood, and Lensway to mention a few. I supported Snask in improving their internal processes by implementing and adapting systems support that enables their project planning and client communication. The brief was to implement a simple and effective tool that… Continue reading Snask


Image by Bold Scandinavia

Mentimeter was founded in 2014, and has steadily been growing ever since. Providing an audience engagement platform loved by their tens of millions of users, Mentimeter is a product and culture-obsessed company, striving to be the best in class when it comes to both their company culture and their product experience. Mentimeter was elected the… Continue reading Mentimeter

Norrsken House

I’ve been working at Norrsken House Stockholm, a hub for impact tech startups making the world a better place, since 2017. Launching services, and platforms, improving processes, automating workflows, developing products, organizing morning raves, and much more. My role is Head of Member Experience & Tech, but that doesn’t tell you the full story of… Continue reading Norrsken House


I developed the idea, concept and business case for Genius, a HR/Recruitment tool to help organisations understand their own biases, power structures, recruitment processes and diversity. The concept was produced as a part of module in a certified leadership course. Deliverables included a pitch deck, business model, design, logotype, prototype, mockups, and overall business strategy… Continue reading Genius

Food Waste Challenge

The Food Waste Challenge is a food waste idea competition, accelerating ideas battling food waste. I’m one of the project leaders behind the initiative. I’ve been involved in everything from idea and concept development to fundraising, and website & branding material.


A startup idea developed together with two co-founders. Doglas is your pet companion to help you take care of your best friend. My role in the project has been head of product. I’ve translated the business strategy into a consumer-facing product design. All designs, logos, icons, and screens are my own designs.